Washable Dog Beds are the logical choice when it’s time to replace your dog's bed. Nobody likes an unsightly, smelly, shapeless dog bed – least of all your dog.

Many dog beds look great when they are brand new and just off the shelf but if you can’t easily and effectively wash them they don’t last long, need to be thrown away and end up as landfill.

Dirty dog beds are also the perfect breeding grounds for flea infestations, mould and mildew and can lead to skin allergies and respiratory complaints in both canines and humans.

So what to look for when choosing a new dog bed?

Unless you have a toy breed, putting the whole bed in the washing machine is a non-starter so always pick a bed that has a removable outer cover. It’s also a good idea to check that spare covers are readily available. It may be wise to purchase an additional cover when you buy your bed so you always have one cover dry and available or you may choose another colour / pattern of cover just for a change!

The second consideration is that you need to protect the filling of your bed. Choose a bed with a cover that forms an impermeable barrier to prevent moisture, dog hair, dust, dander and fleas getting into this inner core. The best way is to pick a bed with a removable waterproof cover.

Waterproof fabric covers also have the advantage that, in addition to being machine-washable, they can easily and effectively be spot cleaned with a damp cloth for a quick freshen-up. They can even be hosed down in case of heavy soiling. They are also essential if your dog suffers from incontinence.

The Berkeley Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed comes with a removable waterproof cover as standard but we also offer optional fabric covers that fit over the waterproof cover should you wish to have a warmer, softer feel to your dog’s bed. Our fabric covers are specially selected in hard wearing, upholstery grade fabrics with a short pile and high rub factor so that they can be washed frequently.

So how best to maintain your dog bed? Most dog beds get thrown away because

a) They loose their shape 

b) Even with regular washing they can start to hold a ‘doggy’ odour.

Our mattress has a unique 13 layer design to ensure it retains it’s shape. We use multiple deep layers of natural wool and cotton that wick away any residual moisture unlike foam and polyester fillings. Also, and this is the clever bit, the central core of pocket springs is surrounded by air so that every time your dog jumps on and off the bed or moves around this air is pushed up through the layers to help keep everything fresh and dry.

Even so, just like your bed, it pays to rotate the mattress periodically and on a warm sunny day give it a good airing outside for a few hours. Sprinkling Bicarbonate of Soda on the inner cotton cover and then vacuuming this up will freshen the mattress.

Also, try  using our Dog Bed Freshener Spray on the  mattress before refitting the waterproof cover for a wonderful fresh scent that is also a natural flea, tick and moth repellent.

There really is no reason why a properly constructed, quality dog bed cannot last for years and years…