The shops are always full of dog beds for smaller dog breeds. They are easy to import by the container load, they’re easy to store on the shelf, they’re no problem to handle and many can be washed whole in the washing machine with varying results. Many don't last very long and they can be ineffective but stores pile them high, sell them cheap and still make a good profit in the process.

Finding quality large and extra large dog beds however is another story.

Big dogs by definition are heavy, they sleep more, they can be hard on the treatment of their bed and they are often more susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis and hip dysplasia in later life. 

They may struggle with mobility issues as they grow older, making getting on and off their bed harder to achieve.

So when it comes to dog beds their needs are totally different.

They need tough, durable dog beds made with hard wearing upholstery-grade covers with lots of room to move around unrestricted. They need extra insulation to  keep them warm and support their joints and they need a dog bed that retains its shape and that has sufficient height to allow easy access and egress.

Big dogs need a dog bed that doesn't flatten so that their whole body is gently supported during sleep in order to effectively rejuvenate tired muscles. When they move around in their sleep the filling of the bed needs to move with them. 

This results in beds that are bulky and heavy – something that retail stores and many mail order specialists shy away from. A Berkeley XL Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress for example, weighs over 13 kg and measures c. 140 x 90 x 20 cm – That’s a BIG bed!

Our mattress contains a central core of hundreds of individual pocket springs that move independently of each other. We then add deep layers of natural filling to provide optimum cushioning and insulation. When pressure is applied the springs compress to provide just the right level of support and then instantly bounce back when pressure is removed. Overall, this ensures that your dog lies in such a way that their spine is straight and correctly aligned and all exposed joints are adequately cushioned.

Our mantra is that style always has to follow function but we don’t see why you can’t have both. That’s why we make a range of really practical, washable and super-stylish covers for all our beds so that our range is both hugely practical yet at the same time, great looking too.

So if you own a large dog breed talk to the specialists – we’re always glad to help!