We always try to achieve the very best mix of a superb specification with great value for money when we make our quality dog beds. Sometimes this can mean the ticket price is slightly higher but your dog bed will continue to perform as it should for years and years.

Research and Development

We are a small family-owned company with a passion for dogs but we have a thoroughly professional approach to developing our range of dog beds. Every single bed that we have developed has involved a long painstaking process until we felt we had got things right.

We’ve lost track of the miles covered, telephone calls made, conversations with material suppliers and craftsmen, prototype beds made and rejected in order to be satisfied with a range of products to offer … and the process goes on as we continually strive to improve our product quality and introduce new products that we think would be perfect for you and your dog.

Cost of Materials

All of our material suppliers and craftsmen work very closely with us. They all are fully aware of the quality standards that we aim to achieve.

It would be so easy for us to cut corners in this area but we don’t. The market is full of cheap bed filling and component suppliers but, to put it simply, we have not been fully satisfied with the quality of the products offered and this is not how we want to build our reputation and brand.

Wherever possible we use natural products and we are keen to use recycled / eco-friendly materials if we can. We do not use chemically-treated foam in any of our beds.

Made in Britain

All of our products are sourced and / or made in the UK.

5 Year Guarantee / No Quibble Returns Policy

We want you to be delighted with your dog bed and to recommend us to all your friends. To give you peace of mind and the confidence to try our products we offer a 5 Year Guarantee and we try to be as understanding and accomodating as possible if, for whatever reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.

Help and Advice

We are experienced dog owners as well as business owners and we recognise the importance of being able to offer sound practical advice and customer support. Try getting this from one of the high street chains or direct from an importer…

Replacement Cost

We know from our own experience the costs involved in regularly having to replace a cheap dog bed. It’s surprising how much you can spend in the course of a year! Nobody likes a shapeless, damp, smelly dog bed. ‘Buy quality – Buy once!’

Fit for Purpose?

Does your dog bed do what it’s supposed to do? If it doesn’t provide long-term comfort, adequate insulation from cold hard flooring, correct spinal alignment and joint cushioning / support it’s just not working as it should.

Larger dog breeds and all senior dogs really do need great dog beds. Choosing one that is 100% fit for purpose may actually save you money in costly vet bills and insurance premiums by helping to prolong the active life of your pet.