Berkeley Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Beds offer a really great bedding solution for most dogs. They combine the practicality of an easy-clean cover with the comfort and support of a deep-fill mattress.

99% of dogs love mud and water – FACT. Unless your dog is largely confined to the house or is an absolute Saint, Waterproof Dog Beds are the way to go.

The vast majority of Waterproof Dog Beds typically found on the high street weigh under 3kg. Most are full of loose polyester fibre or cheap foam.

Many are flimsy,  shapeless and uncomfortable. The majority fail to meet the basic requirements of providing correct spinal alignment, cushioned support for exposed joints and adequate insulation against cold floors. They tend to degrade very quickly, they’re often difficult or impossible to clean and need to be frequently replaced.

One of our 'Large' Berkeley Waterproof Dog Beds weighs around 9kg – It has a unique and innovative layered construction using up to 13 layers of material to produce the ultimate in comfort and orthopedic support. At the heart of our mattress is a mat of individual pocket springs that we surround with 4 thick layers of cotton-rich felt which is then wrapped in lambswool and zipped inside a tough cotton drill inner cover. The mattress is then tufted or buttoned to prevent the contents clumping.

The central core of pocket springs is the really clever bit.  The pocket springs act individually to provide optimum joint support and comfort but each pocket is surrounded by air and this air cushion helps to regulate body temperature to prevent your dog becoming too hot or too cold. Each time your dog moves it pushes air through and around the layers of natural fibre to keep the contents fresh and dry.

We then fit a tough, durable waterproof cover as standard that is fully removable and washable. The waterproof cover provides an impenetrable barrier to protect the mattress from damp, mould, mildew and flea infestation.

Finally, if you wish, a range of optional fabric covers are available for extra warmth or simply to enhance your room decor. You can choose either an economical polar fleece cover or one of our luxury covers made of  upholstery-grade fabric which has been specially picked to provide a soft yet incredibly hard wearing finish.

A complete range of spare / replacement covers is available to ensure that one of our Waterproof Dog Beds lasts for many, many years.

British-made to the highest quality standards we are convinced that Berkeley Waterproof Orthopedic Dog Beds are the finest available on the market and they are an Approved Product of 'Canine Arthritis Management'