Luxury Sheepskin Throws by Berkeley
Sheepskin Rugs by Berkeley
Sheepskin Throws by Berkeley
Luxury Sheepskin Dog Bedding by Berkeley
Sheepskin Dog Bed Throw by Berkeley
Sheepskin Rugs by Berkeley

These are extra-large, premium quality British sheepskin Rugs with a deep, soft pile, not to be confused with 'pet grade' or inferior imported sheepskins.

We source our sheepskin Rugs direct from the Yorkshire Dales and each fleece is hand-selected and trimmed especially for us.

Wool naturally traps air within its fibres providing perfect insulation - warm in winter yet cool in summer. It also has excellent moisture wicking properties to keep moisture away from your dog's body.. 

Perfect also for use as a throw to protect soft furnishings or as a luxury topper on our Raised Dog Beds.

The deep, soft, warm pile makes them ideal for post-surgery applications or to add extra cushioning for sore joints.

Many customers order additional sheepskins for use  as fireside or bedside rugs!

Supplied with full care instructions - Machine Washable.

100 x 65 cm approx.
Postage £6.00

Sheepskin Rugs by Berkeley

Natural, super-soft Sheepskin Rugs by Berkeley - Incredible comfort that all dogs love!

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