Dog Hair Removal Brush by Berkeley

An inexpensive and highly effective dog hair remover brush. Use to remove pet hair and loose dirt from bedding, carpets, chairs and car upholstery.

Dog hair can damage your washing machine beyond repair. With the dog hair removal brush you can quickly get rid of dog hair, soiling and other debris from covers prior to machine washing.

High quality rubber bristles mean the brush can be used without clogging and can simply be rinsed in clean water to eliminate excess debris.

Use our Dog Hair Remover Brush on hard floors without the risk of scratching or marking.

An integrated blade allows for simple and effective removal of water and other liquids.

Keep one also by the hose for easy removal of mud from wellies and boots!

Our Dog Hair Remover Brush is virtually indestructible and lasts forever. 

A really handy labour-saving item for all pet owners.

25cm Long Durable Hand Brush in Black Rubber

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Dog Hair Remover Brush

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