Berkeley Dog Bed Fragrance Spray
Dog bed spray
Dog bed spray
Dog Bed Deodoriser by Berkeley
Dog bed spray
Organic Dog Fragrance Spray by Berkeley

Lavender and Camomile Dog Bed Freshner

Berkeley Dog Bed Freshener is an organic Lavender and Camomile spray blended with pure natural ingredients . It contains no Parabens or SLS. 

It has a gorgeous fresh fragrance with a 3 in 1 action to help eliminate odours, reduce stress and anxiety and deter fleas, mites and ticks.

Apply a light misting to your Berkeley dog bed or any other area that your dog frequents to give off a wonderful calming scent and set the scene for your pet to have the best sleep ever.

It can also be used as a general room spray and it's safe enough to apply directly to your dog after grooming.

PS - It's so lovely you may want to order some for yourself!

In a large 300 ml pump spray bottle
Price - £14.00 and £4.00 P&P

Dog Bed Freshener

Dog Bed Freshener by Berkeley - Designer dog fragrance to help keep your home and dog smelling wonderful!

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