Guide to Dog Bed Fillings

Waterproof Dog Beds. Mattress - Comparison Guide

A conventional Large-size waterproof dog bed mattress available on the high street weighs around 3kg.
It’s full of loose polyester fibre and a lot of imported fresh air!

A Berkeley Waterproof Dog Bed Mattress weighs around 9kg!

Type of Filling Pros Cons
Shredded Foam /  Crumbs, Polystyrene Beads, Spun Polyester, Rolled Polyester Fibre, Blown Polyester Fibre, Memory Foam Pellets      Cheap
  • Flattens if packed too loosely providing poor support and insulation
  • Too firm if packed too tightly – Uncomfortable – Dog cannot ‘nest’
  • Can compact and become lumpy and shapeless over time / Washing destroys shape
  • Rolled fibre creates uncomfortable ridges
  • Very light weight – insubstantial feel – Slides around on hard surfaces
  • Beware of chemicals used in production process
  • A major component of these fillings is fresh air!
Solid Foam       Cheap, Retains shape
  • Smells when damp
  • Doesn’t breathe
  • Needs to be deep to provide any support for heavier dogs
  • Provides poor support for exposed joints
  • Beware of chemicals used in production process
Solid Memory Foam
  • Supportive / Orthopaedic
  • Retains shape
  • Long lasting
  • Good insulator if sufficiently deep
  • Can become too warm
  • Very ‘Flat’ – Poor ‘Snuggle Factor’
  • Doesn’t breathe
  • Beware of chemicals used in production process
  • Many beds have only a thin layer of memory foam bonded to standard foam to save cost
  • Can be very firm at first – Takes time to warm up and mould to body contours – ‘Moulding’ can be slow to work in cooler temperatures / if your dog is wet
Berkeley Waterproof Dog Bed Mattress
  • Supportive / Orthopaedic
    Pocket springs work independently to conform to body contours
  • Supremely comfortable with generous sizes – Allows for natural ‘nesting’ or stretching
  • Very breathable – Warm in winter / Cool in summer
  • Long lasting / Durable / Retains shape
  • Relatively heavy – Doesn’t ‘travel’
  • Natural fibres reduce allergy risk
  • No use of PBDE’s or other potentially toxic chemicals

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