• 5 Year Guarantee
  • Made in Britain
  • Innovative Design
  • Easy to Clean

About Us

Berkeley Dog Beds is based near the village of Wherwell by the River Test in Hampshire. We have owned and worked Labrador gundogs for over 30 years. We are dog people and we understand the problems and frustrations that dog people like you face when searching for a premium quality dog bed.

We could never find a full range of dog beds that ‘ticked all the boxes’ or that were available from a single knowledgeable source.

We also noticed that although mattress technology for humans had progressed significantly – particularly in terms of joint care, most dog bed design was still stuck in the dark ages.

One day we sat down and thought that it might be a good idea to design our own product range …something special and completely new to the market.

All of our dog beds are designed to be stylish, practical, ultra-comfortable and are built to last. We simply do not understand why you should have to buy a new dog bed every few weeks or months.

We want to make smelly, damp, shapeless, flimsy dog beds very much a thing of the past.

In short, Berkeley dog beds are designed to ensure that your valued pet has the best, most comfortable sleep experience possible thus contributing to a longer, healthier and happier life.

We hope you like them!

Martin & Gail Starbuck

Best Dog Beds - Berkeley - Chairman of Berkeley Dog Beds

What We Believe In

At Berkeley Dog Beds we have a reassuringly old school philosophy. We only make British-made dog beds and bedding that we would be happy to buy and use for our own dogs. Yes, we design them to look great, but style has to follow function so each product is totally fit for purpose and represents great value for money.

Our aim is always to offer you a comprehensive range of superb quality dog bedding products to provide a complete solution to meet the needs of your dog. We then support this with sound, practical advice and impeccable customer service.

All our British-made dog beds are sourced from a small network of craftsmen and suppliers that share our views.

We always endeavour to use natural, eco-friendly products such as wool and cotton in our bedding range and we avoid the use of foam, memory foam and fire retardant chemical spray treatments that are widely believed to be toxic to both pets and humans.

It would be easy to cut corners. We could reduce the thickness of our dog beds. We could use far inferior imported fillings. We could use thinner, cheaper fabrics. We could use adhesives rather than time consuming sewing. We COULD and, the chances are, that at first glance, you wouldn’t even notice. We don’t.

We set out to shake-up the dog bed market by introducing a completely innovative design of Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed Mattress. We couldn’t find the type of dog bed that we wanted. So, inspired by our own practical experience as dog owners, we developed a totally new product that really works.

The mattresses of our British made dog beds can be at least three times heavier than ‘lookalike’ dog beds. That’s because we use the latest pocket spring mattress technology and natural quality fillings to produce one of the very finest dog beds available… anywhere.

We want to build an amazing brand by doing things right.