Luxury Vet Bedding by Berkeley
Luxury Vet Bed by Berkeley
Berkeley Vet Bed Liner in a TransK9 Dog Transit Box
Vet Fleece by Berkeley
Luxury Veterinary Bedding by Berkeley
Vet Bed by Berkeley
Berkeley Non-Slip Wool Mix Vet Bedding

In our opinion, this is the very best vet bedding available.

Made in Yorkshire using a 30% British wool mix and ‘Permafresh’ antibacterial fibres. It has a 30 mm deep, luxuriously soft pile with a double woven rubber non-slip backing.

Unlike cheaper vet bedding, it is warm to the touch, heavy in weight and it doesn't have that 'synthetic' feel common to inferior products. Moreover, it is exceptionally hard wearing, highly effective at retaining body heat and easy to wash and dry.

Perfect for elderly, arthritic and post-surgery dogs, for use in whelping boxes or as a first bed for your puppy.

Particularly recommended for use as a topper with  Berkeley Raised Dog Beds, it can also be used as a vehicle dog box / crate liner or as a general purpose pet rug.

Offered in a practical grey colour.

Large - 1m x 0.75m = £24.00

Extra Large - 1m x 1.5m = £42.00

Postage £6.00

Vet Bedding by Berkeley

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