• 5 Year Guarantee
  • Made in Britain
  • Innovative Design
  • Easy to Clean

Dog Hair Removal Brush


25cm Long Durable Hand Brush in Black Rubber

Postage £3.00



  • An inxpensive and highly effective dog hair removal brush. Use one to remove pet hairs and loose dirt from bedding, carpets, chairs, car upholstery and under our Raised Dog Beds.
  • Dog hair kills washing machines. Use this brush to quickly remove dog hair, soiling and other debris from covers prior to machine washing.
  • High quality rubber bristles mean the brush can be used without clogging. Rinse in clean water to eliminate excess debris.
  • Use on hard floors without the risk of scratching or marking.
  • Integrated blade allows for simple and effective removal of water and other liquids.
  • Keep one by the hose for easy removal of mud from wellies and boots!
  • The blade is perfect for wiping away excess moisture after spot cleaning our waterproof beds.
  • Our brushes are virtually indestructable and last for ever.
  • A really handy labour-saving item for all pet owners.

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