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Vet Bedding

We’re convinced that this is the very best vet bedding available.

Vet Bedding for Dogs in Brown

In line with our philosophy of using natural, UK-sourced products this vet bedding is made in Yorkshire and contains 30% British wool. This gives it a luxurious warm-to-the-touch, ultra-soft deep pile that helps to retain body heat and wick away any residual moisture. It’s a perfect bedding material for all dogs but especially effective for elderly dogs and / or those suffering from arthritis and other joint complaints.

This bedding is hygienic, low static, non-irritant and non-allergenic and treated with Permafresh to prevent flea and dust mite infestation. The bedding features a tough double weave non-slip rubber backing.

Hard wearing and durable, it is machine washable at 40 degrees C and can be either tumble or drip-dried.

Popular vet bedding uses include:-

  • A topper / pad on a Berkeley Raised Dog Bed
  • A crate liner
  • A general purpose pet rug that can be used throughout the house but particularly on a tiled or wooden floor.
  • A lining for a whelping box
  • A non-slip load bed liner for vehicles
  • A soft, warm, inert bedding to assist with post-op recovery
  • A throw to protect soft furnishings from dirt and dog hair
  • General bedding applications in commercial kennels and veterinary practices

Available in either Grey or Brown colour in two standard sizes (1m x 1.5m and 1m x 0.75m) which can easily be trimmed to size.

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