Dog Accessories

These dog accessories are all aimed at making life with your dog that little bit easier!

Chew Deterrent Spray

Use to spray vulnerable furniture, valued possessions and any potentially hazardous items. This bitter tasting liquid should help deter your puppy from causing damage during his teething phase and help preserve peace and harmony in your home!  236ml / 8oz Spray Bottle.

Dog Hair Removal Brush

A really handy product that is incredibly effective at removing pet hair and dirt from furnitre, bedding and carpets. Dog hair kills washing machines – brush dog bed covers prior to machine washing. Great value, virtually indestructable and will last for ever.

Dirt Trapper Mats

Dirt Trapper Mats keep your home cleaner for longer; protecting floors and carpets from mud, damp, dirt and dust.

Their super absorbent cotton tufts work hard to trap moisture and grab dirt.

Our mats are British-made, guaranteed for five years, machine washable and can even be tumble dried.

Helps eliminate the trails of water and muddy paw marks from when your dog comes in from a walk or from the garden. Used as a mat in front of your dog’s bed they help to keep your dog bed clean and dry.

Available as a 75 x 50cm mat in 2 colours – Fawn or Graphite with a latex backing.

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