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Big dog beds should be designed and constructed to meet the specific requirements of larger dog breeds particularly in terms of comfort, joint support, easy access and durability. As a general rule, the bigger your dog the more essential it is to provide him or her with a suitable dog bed. Surprisingly, finding such a bed is not easy.

Beware of the designs of dog beds that simply change dimension ie offer a full range of the same bed from S through to XL – A Chihuahua is going to need a totally different type of bed than a Great Dane.

Here is a quick 7 Point Guide to help you make the right choice:-

How big is it?

Obvious really, but you would be surprised how difficult it can be to buy a dog bed that allows your big dog to spread out fully without falling off the edge. Many manufacturers will make beds to a size that is easy to ship or that fit easily on retail shelving displays rather than taking the dog’s physical needs and comfort into consideration.

How deep is it?

Easy access and egress is key for big dogs – especially when they start to age. Ignore this and your dog is going to put a heavy strain on vulnerable joints and muscles. Not only are our Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattresses around 20 cm thick but the central core of pocket springs retains the shape of the bed and provides essential lift to help your dog get off the bed more easily.

How heavy is it?

As you probably know to your cost, dogs can be really tough on beds and the bigger the dog the more punishment your dog bed is likely to receive.

Your dog bed needs to be substantial enough to stay in one place and withstand some rough and tumble. At over 13 kg our XL Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress is possibly the heaviest on the market.

How firm is it?

Simply stuffing a big bag with blown fibre or cheap foam really isn’t going to provide your big dog with the support he / she needs or ensure correct spinal alignment.

At best a cheap bed is going to break down quickly and become lumpy, uncomfortable and provide little if any essential insulation from cold floors.

To build our Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress we use a layered structure of predominantly natural fibres that surround a pocket spring core. This provides structural integrity, great insulation and just the right balance between comfort and firmness.

What’s in it?

Many big dog breeds can actually get too hot on certain dog beds leading to restlessness and discomfort. Having a mattress that can regulate body temperature by allowing air to circulate within the structure is key.

The air surrounding the pocket spring central core of our Waterproof Orthopaedic Mattress has a bellows-effect whenever your dog moves keeping air moving through the multiple wool and cotton layers. The bed stays dry and excess heat is dissipated.

How practical is it?

You simply can’t put an XL Dog Bed in a domestic washing machine so waterproof covers that protect the mattress core and can be spot-cleaned or removed to be machine-washed are essential.

Covers do eventually wear or you may simply fancy a change of colour or fabric so having a ready source of replacement covers is a real bonus.

Has it got a guarantee?

We design and manufacture all our dog beds to be 100% fit for purpose and built to last. To put our money where our mouth is we also guarantee our dog beds for 5 years from date of purchase. Not many dog bed manufacturers are prepared to do that … Wonder why..?

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