• 5 Year Guarantee
  • Made in Britain
  • Innovative Design
  • Easy to Clean


A simple Raised Dog Beds Review highlighting the key benefits to this type of dog bed.

We use them ourselves for all our working Labradors and they think they are great! We supply them to lots of commercial kennels  as well as private dog owners as they are so easy to use and maintain.

Here are 12 great reasons to buy a Berkeley Premium Raised Dog Bed for YOUR dog –

  • Sturdy yet lightweight construction – Made in Britain with a 5 Year Guarantee on the frame
  • Super comfy / Kind on joints and pressure points / Allows complete freedom of movement
  • Keeps your dog away from draughts and cold floors
  • Great value for money (£60-£80)
  • Easy to Clean – Simply Hose down or machine wash the cover
  • Readily available, easy-to-fit replaceable covers
  • Available in 4 colours and 3 sizes to fit all dog breeds
  • Weather Resistant
  • Totally hygienic -Do not harbour smells / infestations / condensation / mould / mildew
  • Collapsible and Easy-to-Assemble in seconds – No fiddly nuts or screws
  • Use in the home, garden, kennel or keep one in the caravan / motor home / car as a travel bed
  • Full range of accessories available including Non-Slip Polar Fleece Pads, Vet Bedding with 30% British Wool, Sheepskin Throws and Heavy Duty Rubber Feet

… and what’s more…’Dogs love them!’ Why not check them out now by clicking here

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